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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What's the effect of wax hair removal?

A.Not only you can get smooth and silky beautiful skin, but it's also effective for exfoliating.

You can also reduce stuffiness and odor by removing pubic hair.

By repeating the treatment, the hair roots entirely start degenerating and many people feel that the hair on the treated area becomes entirely thinner.

Having hair removal several times a year helps you to have thinner hair and live comfortably.

Q.Do I have to repeat the treatment to get smooth skin?

A.With Brazilian Wax, it removes all hair from the hair root in one time, and you can have smooth and silky skin in one treatment.

Although new hair will start growing in approximately 10 days, it will not feel spiky like after you shave.

Q.Does wax hair removal hurt?

A.You may feel a little painful for the first time. However, it's not unbearable pain.

Wax will be quickly and carefully removed along the direction of hair growth.

After the second time, pain will be drastically reduced if you have wax hair removal before the hair completely grows back.

As a standard, we recommend repeating the treatment after 6 to 8 weeks.

Q.How much hair does waxing remove?

A.It can remove all of the hair of the bikini line without even missing one hair.

To be more accurate, you can remove hair of all three VIO lines with Brazilian Wax.

For those who don't want to remove all hair, we also offer options like leaving some hair in the V area and completely removing hair in the I and O areas.

Also, for those who try the treatment for the first time and don't know what's good, the technician in charge can also suggest the best designs for you considering the balance of your whole body.

Q.What are my choices for designs?

A.Standard designs are rectangular, inverted triangle, and heart-shape.

If you have a preferred design, please consult with us during the counseling before the treatment, as we will work with you as much as possible.

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Q.Which is better permanent or wax hair removal?

A.There are mainly three reasons why our salon believes wax hair removal is superior.

1. Although it varies by person, permanent hair removal can often cause great pain.
With Brazilian Wax, anyone can instantly have treatment without unbearable pain.

2. While other hair removal methods such as intense pulsed light hair removal require a number of treatment before having hair completely removed, it's one of Brazilian Wax's distinctive characteristics that you can instantly have smooth skin in one treatment.

3. With intense pulsed light or laser hair removal, it's almost impossible to have treatment on the mucous membrane.

Q.What if my period comes on the day of my reservation?

A.Please feel assured as we have tampons prepared for you.

We can also handle treatment even during a sudden onset of your period.

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