Lula BRASILIAN WAX BOUTIQU1E Brazilian Wax Hair Removal Specialty Salon

Lula Ikebukuro store February 14, 2017 OPEN!

Lula's Concept

Our salon mainly uses hard wax to reduce damage and pain to the skin.

Our mission is to continue supporting customers' skin by using wax that is less rough on the skin, ensuring thorough hygiene management by using a new spatula and medical gloves for every treatment, and providing full aftercare (sterilization).

What's Brazilian Wax?

Brazilian waxing is an extremely effective and safe hair removal method that makes your skin smooth and silky in one treatment. It's a popular hair removal method in Europe and the United States, and trimming pubic hair is especially considered as "female grooming".

Being able to beautifully treat unwanted hair in a short time is also one of the reasons for its popularity, which also makes it perfect before sudden dates and trips.

Comfortable Interior and Private Space

Of course, the treatment rooms are completely private rooms. The interior of the salon is designed to provide customers with a pleasant experience. We offer a moment of relaxation.

Friendly staff welcomes customers!


Q & A

Q & A

Check here to answer your questions and concerns!

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